Un Yamada(director of Co. Yamada Un, Choreographer/Dancer )

After some training in gymnastics, ballet, traditional folk dance, Butoh, Un Yamada started her career as a choreographer in 1996. She has also been active as a solo dancer since 1998. The wide sources of her ideas include music, visual art, literature, academic fields, fashion, and diverse body movements. Her dance, which cannot be described simply as a contemporary or Butoh, is sensitive, energetic and dynamic, attracting worldwide attention.
After she won The French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographer at the Yokohama Dance Collection Solo x Duo Competition in 2000, she moved to France. She established her dance company Co. Un Yamada in Tokyo in 2002.
Now she performs in Japan, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and did some collaboration works with the fields of music, drama, opera, academic, traditional local performing arts. She organized workshops targeting any person, and got involved in cultivating dancers in Asia and Middle East.
She received the 8th Japan Dance Forum Award in 2013. In 2014, she was designated as the Japan Cultural Envoy for East Asia, and also received the New Face Award of Minister of Education Awards for Fine Arts. Now she is visiting Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia as the Japan Cultural Envoy in 2017 (Mar–Sep).